Rugby Mentality

Rugby Nederland has formulated a number of core values ​​that are recognized in the international rugby world and that we as a club like to propagate. They are the coat rack against which sportsmanship, social-emotional, physical and mental safety are constantly tested. Inclusion, diversity, making and keeping sport accessible to everyone is the core of our concern.

  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Camaraderie

Community Spirit & Feeling

The family feeling, which we want to convey as a club, is expressed with the slogan below

“Together = More"

We like to involve parents in activities at the club.
To strengthen the bond, we organize family training sessions, there are moments with explanations about the rules of the game, parents can experience the game, especially through touch rugby. Parents are generally very enthusiastic about this.
In addition, we try to use the principle of 4 eyes and 4 hands, in which parents can play a role.
It is a double-edged knife. On the one hand it makes the training sessions easier for the trainers, on the other hand it gives a certain social control and safety.

Sporty Attitude

“Fortuna audentes juvat”
Fortune is with the brave

Rugby is a challenging sport, mentally, physically and socially.
For the layman, it sometimes seems as if two teams on a field are going head-to-head.
It will not escape anyone's attention that you on the field oneencounters all kinds of trials to face.

It can be tough, but always with respect, discipline and camaraderie towards team members, opponent and referee!

Rugby is a game for barbarians played by gentlemen.

Oscar Wilde