RugbyClub Amsterdam focuses on Youth Development

RugbyClub Amsterdam was founded for youth in Amsterdam North and the surrounding area.
Rugby is pre-eminently an inclusive sport, which offers many opportunities for the development of mental resilience, cooperation, discipline and respect for others.

It is our believe that fun is most important for development of children.
To discover freely what your options are in a sport with peers of diverse plumage, qualities and background.
To discover where your strengths lie in a tightly regulated contact sport, in which you measure yourself against all kinds of resistance.

Not performance is central, but the person in relation to his teammates, how you work together and how you can complement each other.
Being stimulated to get the best out of yourself, whether you win or lose. With trial and error, always helping each other up, on and off the field. If it doesn't work out for a while, that's the starting point for further development and learning.
We see results as the result of healthy, joint effort.

Our volunteers are encouraged and facilitated to think and act from the same ideas.
The board sees it as its task to continue to work on a club culture in which this is possible.
Inclusive, diverse and accessible.

“Play is an activity that cannot be taken seriously enough.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau