Rugby Apparel and Accessories

Rugby clothing must be sturdy, because it can also be pulled hard. The bigger and stronger the girls and boys become, the more important this is.
In addition, during the match everyone wears the same uniform with the same socks, shorts and shirt for unity and recognisability, as in other team sports. And … rugby boots or football boots, on which you do not slip.
The colors of RugbyClub Amsterdam can of course be found in the layout of this website.




For your own safety you need at least a well-fitting bit. They are widely available in sports shops in all sizes and colors. Make sure you make it fit properly via the matching instruction. Good for your teeth and for your head.
For your head you can also buy head protection made of soft material, but sturdy enough to protect your head and ears during tackles.


Clothing and accessories are in our WebShop to view and purchase.