It takes a village to raise a child

Now South Africa has won the 4th World Cup title in a thrilling match against New Zealand, the image of what both countries have in common concerned to rugby comes to mind.

Sense of community

South Africa has Ubuntu. A set of values that translates as "I am human because of you". In New Zealand the Maori culture resembles that.


What I would like to add to that is the humility paired to winning or losing. Not that aura of, "We're the best, so we deserve to win here."

You can see a great example of humility in this video with Syia Kolosi, captain South Africa and Ardi Savea, top player of New Zealand:

No empty words

This is what we want to be at RugbyClub Amsterdam. This is the reason why each of us is so committed to each other and the club.

We believe that in today's society, community feeling needs attention to fill a gap of sense and belonging. In our club, this translates into a warm sports home for children and where parents, brothers and sisters can also feel at home and involved.

Our vehicle is rugby with the wonderful core values of Respect, Discipline and Camaraderie.

No empty words

"It takes a village to raise a child"

"It takes a club to raise a child"

"It takes RugbyClub Amsterdam to raise your child with you!"

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