RugbyClub Amsterdam

October 11

100 Members !!!

Today member number 100 reported to the club...Read More
July 13

First Official Lustrum

July 13, 2023, date of first official lustrum of..Read More
May 14

First Promotion RugbyClub Amsterdam

Mokum XV, our senior flagship, makes the first promotion leap in..Read More
May 13

FairPlay Prijs Mini’s

On the national mini-day at RC the Pigs, our cluster team wins..Read More
April 16

Accredited Work Placement Company

April 13, 2023 we received the Recognition Decree of Professional Education..Read More
June 6

RugbyClub Amsterdam on AT5

RugbyClub Amsterdam is contacting media to get attention for..Read More
July 13

Foundation Date RugbyClub Amsterdam

Friday 13 July 2018, Bas Dekker and Kevin..Read More
June 30

Rugby Netherlands recognizes RugbyClub Amsterdam

In the experience of Bas Dekker and Kevin Burton..Read More
February 9

The Beginning

The date February 9, 2018 is listed as the first..Read More