We work hard to recruit young people. A resilient club with flow has at least one active team in all youth categories.

In collaboration with the sports agents of Amsterdam Noord, we work on accessible programs for children in schools and after-school care.

In addition, we actively recruit staff for occupation on the field from enthusiastic parents, CIOS, ALO and Ascrum students.

Up to about 14 to 16 years, girls often get along very well with boys in the game. After that they earn their own team.


We would have liked to have started this season with our own women's team.
Rugby can be a great sport for women.

In 2023 our national heroines play higher on the sporting ladder worldwide than the men. There is a lot of attention for development of women's rugby.

RugbyClub Amsterdam can perfectly facilitate a women's team with introductory training, information, start-up and further support.

Here's a call to sporty girls and ladies from 16 years old, to report to the club.
You don't have to be an experienced rugby lady to start with us.


There is no veteran competition in the Netherlands, but there are veteran days.
These are always pleasant moments between old and new faces with a snack and a drink.

Most rugby veterans don't really train anymore, but like to look for the social, old traditions and atmosphere around rugby after a hard-fought game.

If you have ever played rugby and occasionally want to join in an accessible way, you can contact us.

Let us hear from you and come and have a look at our club.

Touch Rugby and Walking Rugby

Touch and walking rugby are great ways to keep fit at your own level and age without the physical contact of rugby. Touch rugby is given on Tuesday evenings. Many parents participate.

Walking rugby hebben wij nog niet in huis, maar is zeker een optie waar we naar toe willen werken. We wachten op de eerste initiatiefnemers dan wel aanmelders hiervoor.

If you are interested, please contact us ContactForm with your question or just come to the training to watch.
If you want to participate right away, make sure you have sturdy clothing and kicks.