Parents & RugbyClub Amsterdam

As a parent, you may have some reservations, practical questions and questions about what rugby and rugby culture means to your child and to you as a parent.

We recognise that rugby is not an established sport and there are stories around it that may not cover it all.

Unfamiliarity & (Un)Safety

Makes the threshold to enroll children in rugby greater than in well-known sports.

  • Is rugby safe?
  • Isn't my child too young, too small, too hefty, too thin, etc.?
  • Aren't rugby people too hard for each other?
  • What kind of culture is around it and do we fit in with it?

Rugby is a contact sport, but despite that, it's safe for a number of reasons

  • Children are introduced step by step into competitive sport through adapted rules per age category by learning safe contact skills
  • Rules of the game are constantly being tightened to promote safety, accompanied by information for coaches and trainers on how to implement this
  • Well-communicated safety protocols, are offered with free courses (such as in preventing concussions)
  • The amount of injuries is not much different from other field or fight sports

But we're not wimps

  • A bruise, a scratch, a bump is exactly what it is, it hurts for a moment and then you move on
  • We do not act intentionally to force a yellow, red card or penalty
  • We applaud/cheer when someone gets back up and moves on after a solid tackle
  • We go for it 100% -> Fortuna Audentes Juvat (the fortune is with the brave)

We shut in and don't repel anyone

  • Rugby has many positions with all different skills, so there is room for everyone
  • Rugbycultuur is insluitend, omarmend met een sterk gemeenschapsgevoel, we kijken niet naar afkomst, gender, identiteit, status -> Samen = Meer
  • We have strongly lived core values -> Respect – Discipline – Camaraderie

Children & Parent Involvement

Children like it when their parents are involved in their sport and are part of their association.

“It takes a village to raise a child”

Het gaat niet alleen om halen en brengen, maar ook de interesse en het delen van verhalen en ervaringen en betrokken zijn op andere manieren.

But how do you get involved in a sport like rugby, when you don't know the sport and the culture?

  • Family training around every holiday, gives your family with supporters the opportunity to get acquainted with the sport in a pleasant and safe way
  • Especially for parents on Tuesday evening we have touch for parents (a contactless form of rugby), so you don't have to stand by the sidelines and experience the sport for yourself while your child trains
  • We organize various intros and courses for parents and interested parties, when necessary and on request

How can you be involved with the club?

The club runs on the efforts of members and volunteers. Children, parents, other stakeholders and interested parties can contribute from their own strength, knowledge, interest, network and experience.

We also constantly put that question to the parents.

Think of things like board, trainers/coaches, supervisors/caretakers, bartenders, PR-Cie, Accommodation-Cie, Events-Cie, team managers/youth coordinator, material manager, line pullers, website manager, networkers, sponsors, legal affairs, politics, investor search, etc.

There is something for everyone. Together we are RugbyClub Amsterdam.

How can we make it even better and more accessible?

Ideas and commitment are welcome.

RugbyClub Amsterdam is an enthusiastic community of people, who all want the same thing. Being a healthy and mature club. A solid foundation for anyone who cares about rugby or wants to discover and experience what it entails, the sport and the culture.

We grow together with what everyone can and wants to contribute.

Resources & Support Network

If you are a single parent with little income, your family is dependent on benefits due to unemployment, illness or otherwise, you have no opportunities to introduce your child to the sport.

RugbyClub Amsterdam tries to remove possible obstacles where beeded

  • By using low contributions and fees
  • With support via JeugdFonds Sport & Cultuur/StadsPas Amsterdam
  • Met inzet van introductielessen op scholen in de wijk
  • With search for funding to be set up and opportunities for special circumstances
  • By thinking along and looking for tailor-made solutions in case the possibilities for your family or children are limited

Talk to us about it. Submit it to your first contact person, board or possibly our confidential advisor.

Money should never be a problem, to let your child play sports!

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