Sponsors & RugbyClub Amsterdam

If you want to support us with resources or financially, it is nice to know what we can do for you as a club.

Feel free to go directly with the board or via or contact form.

Read our guidelines below and download the PDF file -> Sponsorship Policy.


Sponsoring can be an important part for the association and/or its components and sections and the goals associated with it

We would like to make this possible and support it for all levels of interest within the association, from teams to the entire association.

Everyone and every part should be able to approach sponsors for what they deem necessary.

However, to prevent crooked faces, confusion and abuses inside, it is important to use a number of guidelines. Situations may arise in which this document can serve as a starting point.

Definitions & Principles

  • Goal

Effective support to RugbyClub Amsterdam within the described vision, mission and code of conduct of the association, in which the integrity of the association and persons is paramount and must be guaranteed.

  • Integrity

We do not participate in deliberate forms of bribery, money laundering and other recognizable unfair practices. Parties act with each other in transparency.

  • Sponsoring

All contributions to the association with goods, funds and/or other substantial contributions, such as manpower and/or services with specific or non-specific purposes.

Examples & Ideas

  • development of accommodation
  • development youth/women/veterans
  • development academy/touchrugby/walking rugby/7-s/10-s
  • developmet/maintenance website
  • <span style="background-color: var(--wp--preset--color--base); color: var(--wp--preset--color--contrast); font-family: var(--wp--preset--font-family--system-font); font-size: var(--wp---preset--font-size--medium);">events: training campsm/trips/club promotions
  • expansion TC
  • eduction/reimbursements trainers/coaches
  • replenishment of materials
  • administrative support
  • professionalisation for youth development

Sponsorship can be aimed at idealistic goals and/or practical support and in all kinds of forms.

  • Sponsors

Sponsors are private individuals, companies, legal entities, who make a contribution to the association with substantial contributions in:

They can use this for the association or specific parts/sections.

  • Consideration

Sponsors can expect a quid pro quo for what they deliver.

Examples are attribution via signs, website, on clothing, etc.

  • PR/Sponsorship Committee

The PR/Sponsorship Committee can consist of several people, who jointly shape and coordinate the sponsorship within the association.

They attract sponsors, maintain the relationship, discuss terms and conditions for the association or parts/sections thereof and monitor whether this is carried out in accordance with the agreement and guidelines of this Sponsorship Policy.

  • Parts/Components

Examples of functional components that can receive support within the association:

  • teams
    • jeugd (GTBM/CJC)
    • dames
    • volwassenen
    • veteranen
    • organisatie
      • TC
      • bestuur
      • PR-/SponsoringCommissie
      • opleidingen
    • accommodatie
      • clubhuis
      • velden
      • verlichting
      • materialen/middelen
    • rugby aanbod
      • academie
      • touchrugby
      • walking rugby
      • 7-s/10-s
  • Sponsorship & Name Connection Club Kit

RugbyClub Amsterdam has recognizable design, dimensions and colors.

This will continue to be used for sponsoring club clothing.

Logo or name of the sponsoring party may not be visible larger than the club logo and may only be visible on chest, sleeve or trouser leg.

If you want to deviate from this, you are allowed on shirt and jacket:

  • a 10 cm strip at waist height of shirt or track jacket on the front
  • a 10 cm high strip from shoulder to shoulder on the back

On pants/sweatpants:

  • a strip of 10 cm above the buttock on the back