Inequality of opportunity

What can RugbyClub Amsterdam add?

Inequality of opportunity is a persistent problem in our society.

After the pandemic, this is in the spotlight and back on the political agenda for a reason. Clubs have taken a hit because people have dropped out.

In Amsterdam, our own alderman Sofyan Mbarki is regularly in the media with activities and attention that help this group to become more resilient. Not only in sports, but also in education and strengthening helping networks. Attention to specific, personal circumstances is necessary.

The Mulier Institute has completed a study on this theme this year. Download the current study

As determining factors, 3 elements are mentioned:

  1. material conditions
  2. skills, abilities and knowledge
  3. the social network and the status and power of people in that network

What are we working on at RugbuClub Amsterdam and where can we develop further?

We won't be the only club struggling with this phenomenon. I think we can learn from each other.

Below is an initial inventory of the activities within RugbyClub Amsterdam and what seems to be missing.

The material conditions seem to be the easiest to resolve.

It would be a huge gain if people could develop their network, self-confidence, resilience and skills while participating in the sport and the association.

1Material conditionsCheck
 provide assistance with the use of SportFonds Jeugd & Cultuur and Stadspas
 low membership fees with customization for payments
 actively publicize our financial opportunities (website and media)
 social emergency budget with X-% reservation
 facilitating spare clothing and footwear
 actively recruiting supporting grants
2Skills, abilities and knowledge
 sports offer with a focus on core values (Respect, Discipline, Camaraderie)
 inclusive sports activities for parents, children and family
 introductory courses and information meetings for parents, children and family
 stimulate and facilitate training for supervisors, coaches and trainers
 accreditation of LeerWerkPlek MBO Sport & Exercise
 actively recruiting interns
 develop expertise policy and training plan
 attract and install coordinator
3the social network and the status and power of people in that network
 information SES within RugbuClub Amsterdam (website, media)
 actively cultivating and strengthening our inclusive association climate and culture
 introductory lessons Primary, Secondary Education, Special Education in the district
 organization accessibility and development youth in Greater Amsterdam in collaboration with AAC
 information programme for the SES Group
 develop an active accessibility programme for SES
 SES signaling program
 SES coordinator, who identifies, supports, advises, engages MO






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